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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will be composed of Working Committee Chairs of the following Working Committees:

    Core Curriculum/General Topics

    • Benjamin Chapman —Associate Professor, North Carolina State University
    • James Theuri — Extension Educator, University of Illinois Extension

    Core Curriculum/Hazards & Preventive Controls — Common Issues

    • Diane Ducharme — Produce Safety Expert, Produce Safety Network, U.S. FDA
    • Brian Reeves — Owner Reeves Farms

    Core Curriculum/Hazards & Preventive Controls — Farm Review

    • Robert Hadad — Cornell Cooperative Extension
    • Henry Giclas — Senior Vice President Science & Technology, Strategic Planning

    Core Curriculum/Hazards & Preventive Controls — Production

    • Fred Finney — Owner, Moreland Fruit Farm Ltd
    • Karen Killinger — Research Staff Fellow, Division of Produce Safety, FDA Center for Food Safety& Applied Nutrition

    Core Curriculum/Hazards & Preventive Controls — Harvest

    • Reginald L. Brown — Executive VP, Florida Tomato Exchange
    • Trevor V. Suslow — Extension Research Specialist, University of California, Davis 

    Core Curriculum/Hazards & Preventive Controls — Postharvest Handling

    • Wesley Kline — Agricultural Agent, Cumberland County - New Jersey
    • Barry Eisenberg — Director Fresh Produce Technical Services, Miles Chemical Company

    Train the Trainer Lesson Plan

    • James Rushing — Manager of International Training Programs, JIFSAN
    • Michael Villaneva — Technical Director, California Leafy Green Marketing Agreement 

    Education Outreach Program Delivery — Farmers & Trainers

    • Craig Kahlke — Extension Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension
    • Keith Schneider — Professor, University of Florida 

    Education Outreach Program Delivery — Regulators & Trainers

    • Anita MacMullan Agriculture Program Specialist, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
    • Steve Schirmer Produce Safety Field Administrator, NYSDAM

    Certification-related activities

    • Joseph Corby — Executive Director, Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)
    • Janet Williams — Training Officer, FDA/DHRD/ORAU