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English Grower Manual V1.1 – Electronic Public Release

The files below are version 1.1 of the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training manual and are available for public use. The date after the tab name indicates the upload date. As revisions are made the dates will be updated to reflect a revised upload. Please note, these files are secured with password protection. The security setting on the files enables printing and prevents the contents from being edited or modified to safeguard our copyright. Requests to obtain or remove the password will be declined.

Material Use Guidelines & PSA Policies

In order to register your PSA Grower Training course with AFDO and enable your participants to receive the certificate of course completion, you must provide each course attendee with a printed Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training manual. This includes the tabs, as there is learning content printed on the opposite side of each tabbed divider. If PSA becomes aware that the approved materials are not provided in full, the PSA reserves the right to revoke PSA Trainer or PSA Lead Trainer status.

Printing Instructions

We encourage you to buy printed versions of the manual online, however if printing the electronic release files are necessary, the below guidelines will help you achieve the best results.

Printing guidelines and layout 

The Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training manual has been designed with margins to use 3-hole drilled paper and a 1.5"-2" ring binder. The files below for the Cover and Spine are designed to slip into the exterior of the binder. Both files contain crop marks for trimming. The finished cover print size is 9" x 11". The finished spine print size is 11" x 1.75" both should be printed on 80# gloss cover stock. The tabs that separate each section are 9" x 11" and designed to print on a 5-bank tab layout, 80# gloss cover stock is recommended. The interior pages are designed to duplex, you will have problems with the margins if you print single sided pages. 80# gloss text stock is recommended for tab-1 through tab-13 below. 

V1.1 Grower Manual Files