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Portuguese Grower Manual V1.2 – PDF Files for Commercial Printing of Manual

The Portuguese Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training manual is available for Trainers to download and print. Please complete the following form to access the Version 1.2 files.

Please send us a message with corrections or suggestions to improve this translated version of the curriculum.

Portuguese Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Manual Download

The form below will allow you to access the Portuguese files for version 1.2 of the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training manual and are available for printing for public use.

Copyright © Cornell University

Cornell University permits these materials to be downloaded, printed, and distributed for educational purposes and to meet requirements of the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course. It may not be altered or published electronically without expressed permission of Cornell University (Produce Safety Alliance, 665 West North Street, Food Research Laboratory, Geneva, NY 14456, USA). It may not be printed, published electronically, and sold in whole or in part by a third party or company for profit.

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