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Kristin Woods, Ph.D.

Kristin Woods

PSA Southeast Regional Extension Associate

Based in Grove Hill, Alabama
(251) 753–1164

In 2015, Kristin Woods joined the Produce Safety Alliance through a collaborative arrangement with Alabama Extension and Auburn University. Since 2003, Kristin's focus has been on community education and economic development in the area of food safety and food systems. Her primary area of interest has been the development of food businesses in the rural area of Alabama where she lives. She specializes in helping small farmers and retail food establishments meet food safety requirements and navigate food regulations. Kristin has taught Better Process Control School, Seafood HACCP, School (CNP) HACCP, and ServSafe®. In addition, she has led training and instructed farmers in GAPs, as well as the small farmer food safety training program: Enhancing the Safety of Locally Grown Produce. Prior to her Extension experience, Kristin spent five years in the food industry working in process development, quality, and management. Kristin embraces a lifelong love of agriculture and currently owns and operates a small diversified farming operation in Southwest Alabama. Kristin serves as the Southeast Regional Extension Associate for the Produce Safety Alliance.