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Laurie George, Ph.D.

Laurie George

PSA Midwest Regional Extension Associate

Based in Johnston City, Illinois
(607) 882-1500

Laurie joins the Produce Safety Team after working with University of Illinois Extension for 10 years, specializing in small farms and local foods. Her main responsibilities were for the development and delivery of research-based programs and educational materials concentrating on food safety issues, sustainable local food production, advancement of local food systems and initiatives, and marketing of locally grown produce into commerce. She has been involved with educating growers on good agricultural practices and best management practices since 2013 and is currently involved with food-safety related projects and training programs. Laurie enjoys working with growers to help them understand the fundamentals of food safety and how it relates to the farm environment. For the past two years, she has been an instructor of the online GAPs Produce Safety Program through Cornell University. Laurie received both her Master of Science degree and Ph.D. in Plant, Soils, and Agricultural Sciences from Southern Illinois University.