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Produce Safety Alliance Educators Call #30 March 26, 2018 2-3 PM EDT

Total Attendees: 65
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Topic: Water Summit Summary & Ag Water Resources

Call Notes

Please refer to the Power Point slides for a high level summary of the Water Summit.

Question & Answer

Q: When we are asked by growers "When will the water subpart be finalized", what do you suggest we say? Any timeline thoughts that came out of the Water Summit?
A: At this point, there has not been a confirmed notification that the compliance dates have been officially extended, though many are functioning under this assumption. PSA plans to pursue next steps with FDA as follow up from the Water Summit. In the interim, growers should still understand Subpart E and know where to go for updates (PSA or FDA listerve). We will update everyone once we have confirmation.

Q: Is there going to be a written version of this summary? Some people that could not join the Summit asked about it.
A: Will have a written summary. Will take some time to generate formal summary as we’re currently digging through 60+ pages of notes. We’re also allowing Hawaii to host their own session and providing a short open comment period. Once those are closed, we will begin drafting the paper.

Couldn't Attend the Water Summit? Watch the Meeting & Comment!

The Produce Safety Alliance is providing an opportunity for those who did not attend the Water Summit to contribute a comment on the three breakout session topics conducted at the meeting. We are providing this opportunity for participants who were unable to attend the Water Summit or remote sites, but are very interested and serious about sharing their concerns and solutions on this particular topic. If you attended the meeting in Covington, KY or at a remote site, you are not eligible to fill out this survey as your comments have already been received through the breakout session exercises. There is no guarantee that the comment submissions through this survey will be incorporated into the Water Summit summary.

Prior to submitting a comment through this form, you must watch the recording of the Water Summit meeting. The discussions, presentations, and background information that occurred during the Water Summit on February 27-28, 2018 are critical to drafting and submitting informed, relevant comments to this survey.

  1. Watch the Water Summit
  2. Submit a Comment

The survey will close on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 5PM Eastern.

If you have questions about this survey, you can contact Gretchen Wall.

PSA Ag Water Resources

The PSA has created resources for trainers to use at PSA Grower Trainings to address the most recent updates on agricultural water. Additional teaching resources are located on our website at:

Teaching Tools & Supplemental Materials – Agricultural Water
(The files below are available upon request due to regulatory updates)

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