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Produce Safety Educators Call #36 - February 25, 2019 2-3 PM EDT

Total Attendees: 99
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Presenters: Darrell McGuire, Food Safety Specialist, Deep South Food Alliance and Joan Olson, Farmer/Owner at Prairie Drifter Farm
Topic: The focus of the call was on the delivery of Module 2: Worker Health, Hygiene, and Training, and Darrell and Joan provided their perspectives and teaching examples during the call. This call will be particularly relevant to educators and PSA Trainers/Lead Trainers who are looking to strengthen their delivery of worker health, hygiene, and training concepts.

Meeting Notes:

The notes below only highlight a few of the major take-aways from the presentation. Please listen to/watch the recorded presentation for full details and discussion.

Part I Highlights: Slides 1-19, Delivered by Darrell McGuire

  • The value of humor and fluctuation in tone can help maintain the audience’s attention and help people understand the content.
  • Fixes don’t have to be expensive to be effective
  • Darrell’s contact information for follow-up discussion
  • Discussion after Presentation of Slides 1-19
    • Trainers do well to focus on “US” and “WE”, not “YOU/Y’ALL” or “THEM” to reduce risk of alienating the learner audience.
    • Sometimes when a person is resistant, they’re just trying to figure out whether the trainer is going to address them with respect.

Part II Highlights: Slides 20-33, Delivered by Joan Olson

  • Emphasis that Hepatitis A is shed and spread weeks before illness shows. That is a clear example to given during the training and helps people use good hygiene even when they feel healthy.
  • There is lots of value to use real stories, from your own farm or borrowed from others, to make the content more accessible.
  • When doing an exercise, for example GloGerm, be sure to explain what you’re doing and what it represents. Be sure the entire group can see the example by walking down the aisle. Another participant suggested that they use a ‘Black Box” for people to view the GloGerm on hands before/after washing.
  • Joan’s contact information for follow-up discussion
  • Discussion after presentation of Slides 20-33
  • Challenges faced by farmers, how can they be overcome? Farms may need help knowing how to actually conduct training. Maybe they can hire it out, or use checklists from Extension.
  • Consider hiring workers BEFORE the season starts to allow time for training. Prairie Drifter farm gives a full week for training and onboarding prior to getting into the busiest part of the season.

Next Call:

March 26, 2019 - Produce Safety Rule Draft Guidance Discussion Date & Time: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 from 3-4:30pm Eastern Topic: Draft PSR Guidance Discussion
Speakers: The PSA Team
Log-in Information: No registration is necessary. The call will be recorded and posted on our website after the meeting.

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