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Information for PSA Trainers & Lead Trainers

Registering PSA Grower Training Courses

All PSA Grower Training Courses must be registered with the Association of Food & Drug Officials (AFDO). Please visit the AFDO website to register a course. PSA Grower Training Courses must be registered at least 2 weeks in advance of the training date to ensure proper paperwork can be completed.

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Manual

The PSA Grower Training Course Manual includes:

  • All seven curriculum module slide sets and teaching notes;
  • Codified language of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule;
  • FSMA Produce Safety Rule Regulatory Reference Table;
  • Glossary of terms;
  • Farm Food Safety Plan writing resources;
  • FDA, USDA-AMS, and USDA-NRCS Resources for Growers;
  • References; and
  • A PSA branded highlighter.

All registered PSA Grower Training Courses must provide each attendee with the PSA Grower Training Manual if they want to receive the PSA/AFDO Certificate of Course Completion. The PSA Grower Training Manual is $50, plus shipping, and will be the trainer’s responsibility to purchase from the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES) Bookstore.

Please complete the PSA Curriculum Order Request form. After the form is submitted a materials and shipping invoice will be generated.

Questions regarding orders can be addressed to:

Gemma Osborne
phone: (315) 787-2248

Orders must be placed 3 weeks in advance to ensure order processing and delivery. The NYSAES Bookstore and the PSA will not be responsible for any extra fees associated with shipping materials for rush delivery.

The PSA Grower Training Manuals come in packets that are three-hole punched with colored tabs, binder cover, and spine. The manual DOES NOT include a three-ring binder. Trainers will be responsible for purchasing their own three ring binders for participants. This helps to keep the cost of shipping lower. A 1.5”-2” three ring binder will fit the PSA Grower Training Course Manual. Binders with a clear cover sleeve are recommended for insertion of the binder cover and spine that is included with the PSA Grower Training Manual.  An example of this type of binder would be Universal # UNV20972.