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PSA Train-the-Trainer Course Registration

PSA Train-the-Trainer Courses must be registered at least 2 weeks in advance of the training date to ensure proper paper work can be completed. PSA reviews course registrations within 5-7 days of receiving this form.

Please see the Temporary PSA Train-the-Trainer Course Policy for more information on remote delivery options during COVID 19 Outbreak.

Train-the-Trainer Course Registration Form

Course Delivery Options
In response to COVID-19 and the recommendations to develop social distancing strategies, the PSA has decided to temporarily allow remote delivery as an option for PSA Train-the-Trainer Courses up until September 30, 2021.
Remote Training Delivery Checklist
I Agree
I have read and understand the temporary policy for remote delivery options. *
I understand that PSA reserves the right to suspend and/or permanently revoke PSA Trainer-of-Trainers (ToT) status for all PSA ToTs involved in the course if the policies are not followed. *
I understand that this policy is temporary and only applies to courses that occur before September 30, 2021. *
A minimum of three PSA Trainers-of-Trainers (ToTs) plus a course monitor must be present to monitor the delivery through the web-based interface through the entire course delivery. *
Printed PSA Train-the-Trainer manuals must be provided to each course participant prior to the course start. *
PSA Train-the-Trainer Course evaluations must be provided to all participants and must be submitted electronically within one week of the course conclusion. *
At least one individual involved in the course is capable of handling the web-based technology to facilitate an effective training. *
A course monitor has been appointed to verify participant engagement and attendance. *
Course participants are only eligible for the PSA/AFDO Certificate of Course Completion if their presence during all PSA modules can be confirmed by the course monitor. *
The PSA Trainers-of-Trainers (ToTs) will have audio and visual contact (bi-directionally) with all individuals attending the course. *
Course advertisements and registration information must include clear and prominent language which conveys that the course is to be held remotely. *
Course advertisements and registration information must include technology requirements of participants (computer software, audio, video, and internet resources and proficiency). *
Course advertisements and registration information must include a notification that participant attendance and engagement will be monitored. *
Course advertisements and registration information must include a reminder that participants will only be eligible for the PSA/AFDO Certificate of Course Completion if they are present for all modules of the course. *
Course Registration Primary Contact

If this course is open to the public, the name, email address, and phone number entered below will appear as “Contact Information” on our Upcoming Train-the-Trainer Courses page.

Please enter as xxx-xxx-xxxx. Include country code for phone numbers outside of the US.
Please add contact information for the individual responsible for returning the required evaluations and associated fees for certificates.
Course Information
This course is:
Please note currency if different from $USD.

The PSA Train-the-Trainer manual is currently available in English and Spanish. All participants must receive training in a language that they understand. This includes having a PSA Training manual that is written in the same language that participants easily understand and is in the same language in which the course is delivered. Translations must be reviewed by PSA prior to use. If the primary language of the audience is anything other than English or Spanish, the course will not be approved and must not be delivered until approved translated materials are available.

Lead Trainers and Trainers that will deliver the training

To conduct an In-Person PSA Train-the-Trainer Course, there must be a minimum of two PSA Trainers-of-Trainers (ToTs).
To conduct a Remote PSA Train-the-Trainer Course, there must be a minimum of three PSA Trainers-of-Trainers (ToTs) plus a course monitor.
To conduct an In-Person PSA Integrated Course, a minimum of two PSA ToTs are required. PSA Trainers or PSA Lead Trainers, along with PSA ToTs, may deliver any of the seven Grower Course Modules.
Please list all PSA ToTs, PSA Lead Trainers, and PSA Trainers (if applicable) who plan to deliver course modules. These names will also appear on the Course Evaluations and Certificates of Attendance.

The PSA Trainers-of-Trainers (ToTs) listed on the course registration will be accountable for ensuring the described training is conducted in accordance with the PSA/AFDO Training Course Requirements. PSA reserves the right to suspend or revoke PSA ToT status if policies and protocols are not followed.

ToT 1
ToT 2
Trainer 3
Trainer 4
Trainer 5
Trainer 6
Trainer 7
Trainer 8
Course Additions

Payment for PSA Train-the-Trainer Course Certificates ($50 each) and PSA Grower Training Course Certificates ($35 each) should be paid to AFDO in one check for all participants of a course and sent to:

Association of Food and Drug Officials
155 West Market Street, 3rd Floor
York, PA 17401

Payment can also be made by credit card via phone (717-757-2888), fax (717-650-3650), or email ( If other arrangements are needed, this must be discussed with AFDO prior to the training.

A PSA Train-the-Trainer participant DOES NOT need a PSA Grower Course Certificate in addition to a PSA Train-the-Trainer Course Certificate, since the PSA Train-the-Trainer Course encompasses the PSA Grower Course Curriculum.