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PSA Trainers & Lead Trainers Annual Update Webinar October 20, 2020

Attendance: 193
Meeting Recording:

Please refer to presentation for additional details.
All resources discussed in the presentation are linked at the end of the meeting notes. The notes only provide a brief summary of the meeting content. Please watch the recording for full details. If you do not have access to the internet, please contact Michele Humiston (315)-787-2287 to request printed materials.

  1. PSA Team Updates – Dr. Betsy Bihn, PSA Director
    1. Mr. Tommy Saunders filled Regional Extension position in Southeast vacated by Dr. Kristin Woods in March 2020
    2. Two Spanish Language Extension Associates added to the PSA team in September and October 2020 –  Mr. Davis Blasini and Dr. Ricardo Orellana
    3. Toria Melville – new Administrative Assistant helping with evaluation report processing and other PSA tasks
  2. Training Metrics – Ms. Gretchen Wall, PSA Coordinator
    1. Quarterly Reporting Updates
      • Next quarterly report will incorporate new training types (Remote and Online in addition to In-Person), to be issued shortly
      • Tables added to show breakdown of trainings by US States, as well as more detailed international tables and the addition of a new global map
      • As of September 2020, 60,330 have attended a PSA Grower Training Course!
  3. Remote Training Updates – Dr. Connie Fisk, Northwest Regional Extension Associate
    1. Updates to Remote Training Temporary Policy
      • Policy extended to April 30, 2021
      • Effective Oct. 16, 2020: 30 participant maximum for Remote Trainings
    2. Resources for Remote Trainings
    3. Remote PSA Grower Training Course Statistics
      • 94 Domestic courses; 69 International courses
    4. PSA Train-the-Trainer Refresher Office Hours
      • Thursdays at Noon EST, October 1st until November 19th
      • Covering one module each session with time at end for questions and discussion
      • Join Zoom Meeting
        Meeting ID: 973 3345 5266
        Passcode: 541541
      • Recordings are posted on the PSA website
    5. Lessons Learned from Remote Courses
      • Takes a lot more time to deliver content in a remote setting
      • Zoom fatigue is real
      • At least 4 trainers are needed
      • Practice, Practice, Practice!
      • Prepare ahead of time and have web links planned out to share
      • Think about who is monitoring the participants and keeping track of presentation timing
      • Review engagement tools in the web-based platform with participants
    6. Course Marketing
      • Please use the correct terminology when advertising your remote PSA Grower Training Courses. There are significant differences between Remote and Online Courses.
  4. Online Training Updates – Dr. Don Stoeckel, Midwest Regional Extension Associate
    1. Online PSA Grower Training hosted at eCornell
    2. 195 participants and 14 sessions hosted and completed to date; more courses being scheduled in 2021, every 3 weeks.
    3. Target Audience
      • Fluency in English at this time; working on the Spanish Online PSA Grower Training
      • International availability started in September, but still need English fluency
    4. Printed manual is not a requirement for the Online PSA Grower Training, but recommended as valuable resource
      •  Course manual is included within the Online Grower Training Course content
      •  Enables international participation by avoiding problematic manual shipping issues
    5. The Online PSA Grower Training is text heavy, but the required discussions are valuable for learning the material in more depth
  5. Policy Updates & Reminders – Ms. Gretchen Wall, PSA Coordinator
    1. Remote Training Evaluations:
      • Qualtrics evaluation links are specific to each course, please do not reuse!
      • At least 50% return rate expected; if PSA Lead Trainers do not achieve this rate for 3 remote training courses their Lead Trainer status may be suspended or revoked for future remote PSA Grower Trainings
    2. In-Person Training Evaluation Changes
    3. Printed PSA Grower Training Manuals are still required for In-person and Remote PSA Grower Trainings
      • Recommend tracking shipping and visual confirmation that participants have manuals prior to the course start
      • Participants cannot be expected to print their own manual
    4. New! Electronic PSA Grower Manual
      • CANNOT be used as a substitute for printed manual for Remote or In-Person courses
      • Do not share the resource, please direct individuals to download it directly so they can receive updates if future versions are released
    5. Other Policy Reminders
      • Courses must be registered with AFDO at least 2 weeks in advance
      • PSA Lead Trainer(s) are responsible for following all course policies. Be sure to communicate with administrative help or other trainers to ensure policies followed (i.e., return of evaluations, paperwork, payment of certificates).
    6. Other Critical Trainer Resources
  6. FDA Updates – Ms. Donna Clements, Southwest Regional Extension Associate
    1. Temporary Enforcement Discretion for Qualified Exemption during COVID 19
      • Main Take Away: “This means that farms that are currently eligible for the qualified exemption and associated modified requirements will still be considered eligible even if they shift food sales away from qualified end-users, provided that they continue to meet the requirement that the average annual monetary value of all food they sell is less than $500,000, adjusted for inflation.”
      • Supplemental slides available for Module 1 under Trainer Resources
    2. FDA requesting information on expanding the Rarely Consumed Raw (RCR) list
    3. FSMA Proposed Rule for Food Traceability
  7. New & Updated Educational Materials – Mr. Tommy Saunders, Southeast Regional Extension Associate
    See list of links at back of meeting notes to access each resource.
    1. Supplemental Grower Training Activities
      • Clicker Questions – interactive questions for each module
      • Soil Amendment Activity – interactive slides to identify BSAAOs
    2. Enforcement Discretion Slides (For use in Module 1)
    3. PSA COVID Resources
    4. Cleaning vs Sanitizing Fact Sheet
    5. EPA N List
    6. IFS Collaboration
    7. Updated resources – Sanitizer tool, Commercial Soil Amendment, Records Required fact sheet
  8. Spanish Website & Resources – Dr. Laura Acuña-Maldonado, Spanish-Language Extension Associate
    See list of links at back of notes to access resources on the Spanish language website.
    1. The PSA website in Spanish is a repository of lots of information translated into Spanish:
  1. International Updates – Dr. Betsy Bihn, PSA Director
    1. Continued efforts to provide outreach
    2. Translations & Curriculum Adaptations
      • Chinese & Portuguese nearing completion
      • Collaborations on Korean and Haitian Creole translations in progress
      • Developing low-literacy illustrations to complement the PSA curriculum
    3. PSA Advanced Trainer Workshops Recap
      • Two workshops completed in 2019-2020 in collaboration with the FSMA Southern Center
      • Future course scheduling currently suspended due to hands-on nature of workshop during COVID-19
  2. Funding & Future Outlook
    1. PSA has received additional funding to support the team for the short term and enabled the hire of two additional people
    2. Historically, funding has been 50% of PSA’s budget, which is not sustainable
    3. Please support the PSA and reach out to elected officials
    4. PSA is 11 years old and still growing – huge thank you to all PSA Trainers, Lead Trainers, and Trainer-of-Trainers for being a crucial part of the PSA’s success!
  3. Call Wrap Up
    1. Reminder: follow the PSA’s social media accounts and sign up for the general listserv for more information
    2. Next Annual Meeting: Tuesday, October 26, 2021; more details and registration will be shared closer to the date of the meeting
  4. Q & A
    • Can participants access the manual and course content after the conclusion of the Online PSA Grower Training course?
      1. They can download the PDF manual and access the material including the discussions as long as they have access to their eCornell account.
    • Will the Online PSA Grower Training course information (documents and PDF manual) be available in Spanish?
      1.  Yes. The PSA team is working on the Spanish Online course now.
    • Is the English Grower Manual V1.2 the latest version?
      1.  Yes. V1.2 is the current version of the PSA manual and slides.
  5. URLs Shared During Webinar