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The Produce Safety Alliance officially launched its training programs in September of 2016.  A summary of the latest course and participant data is shown below. To access the current or historical detailed reports, please use the links on the left to request the PDF. The Produce Safety Alliance does not share individual course participant information. 

Totals from September 2016 through June 27, 2019

Number of Train-the-Trainer courses held

  • 67 domestic
  • 19 international
  • 86 total

Number of Train-the-Trainer participants

  • 1,912 domestic
  • 760 international
  • 2,672 total
  • 29 average domestic TTT course size

Number of Grower Training courses held

  • 1,345 domestic
  • 541 international
  • 1,886 total

Number of Grower Training participants

  • 29,051 domestic
  • 13,527 international
  • 42,578 total
  • 23 average domestic TTT course size

Number of states where PSA Courses have been hosted

  • 33 States have conducted Train-the-Trainer courses
  • 50 States have conducted Grower courses

PSA Trainers

  • 1,729 domestic trainers
  • 685 international trainers
  • 2,414 total
  • 49 states with PSA Trainers

PSA Lead Trainers

  • 236 domestic trainers
  • 107 international trainers
  • 343 total
  • 49 states with PSA Lead Trainers

Please note that not all course and participant data may be reflected in the report. As courses conclude, there may be a lag in training hosts returning course data or entering this data into the database shared with the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO). When course data is not available, denotation is provided under the relevant table or graph.

If you have any questions about the PSA's outreach or training activities, please contact Gretchen Wall