Water Summit, February 27-28, 2018

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Meeting Purpose & Summary

Water used during the production of fruits and vegetables represents a potential pathway for contamination with human pathogens. In the Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule (PSR), microbial quality standards were established for agricultural water that comes in contact with produce to reduce risks associated with agricultural water use. However, FDA received feedback from numerous stakeholders raising concerns that some of these standards may be too complex to understand and too difficult to implement. In response to these concerns, FDA is considering how to address these issues by exploring ways to simplify the PSR standards related to agricultural water.

The two-day Water Summit was an engagement opportunity for growers, regulatory personal, industry representatives, educators, and researchers to increase understanding and work collaboratively to develop ideas that support risk reduction related to water. This Water Summit included informational presentations and breakout discussions. Participants explored challenges related to the requirements of Subpart E – Agricultural Water and discussed potential solutions that are workable while still protecting public health.

The PSA is currently reviewing, organizing, and drafting a summary paper based on the outcomes of the breakouts and group discussions that occurred during the meeting. Updates on the availability of the summary paper and additional action items related to the Water Summit outcomes will be sent out through our general listserve and posted on our website.  

Couldn't Attend? Watch the Water Summit & Comment!

The Produce Safety Alliance is providing an opportunity for those who did not attend the Water Summit to contribute a comment on the three breakout session topics conducted at the meeting. We are providing this opportunity for participants who were unable to attend the Water Summit or remote sites, but are very interested and serious about sharing their concerns and solutions on this particular topic. If you attended the meeting in Covington, KY or at a remote site, you are not eligible to fill out this survey as your comments have already been received through the breakout session exercises. There is no guarantee that the comment submissions through this survey will be incorporated into the Water Summit summary.

Prior to submitting a comment through this form, you must watch the recording of the Water Summit meeting. The discussions, presentations, and background information that occurred during the Water Summit on February 27-28, 2018 are critical to drafting and submitting informed, relevant comments to this survey. 

  1. Watch the Water Summit

  2. Submit a Comment

The survey will close on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 5PM Eastern.

If you have questions about this survey, you can contact Gretchen Wall.